Product Specifications

X10 LVT Underlayment for use under LVT / LVP, laminate, and engineered wood flooring.
Removal of 95% of odor emitted by EVA material. (Odor is not harmful to human health)

  • ➫ Astounding Sound Reduction
  • ➫ Superior Moisture Protection
  • ➫ Added Cushion of Flooring
  • ➫ Shield for Mold & Mildew Protection
  • ➫Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • ➫Helps correct minor subfloor irregularities
  • ➫ Easy to install, cuts with scissors
  • ➫Made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable


1.5 mm Closed Foam Technology Extruded Polystyrene designed for excellent sound reduction.
Extra fine, for advanced moisture protection and shock absorption.
Anti-crush technology for excellent performance and long life.
Specifically designed for modern luxury vinyl tile flooring, X10 underlayment represents an efficient, healthy, and easy to use underlay that helps to make your vinyl flooring installation a breeze.
The ideal choice for most residential and commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring applications.

Sound Insulation Properties

STC: 72
IIC: 73


Thickness: 1.5875mm / 0.0625 inch
Width: 1230.31mm
Length: 60,960mm
Square Footage/Roll: 200 sq.ft.
Weight Per Roll: 15 lbs.
Compressive Strength @25% : ( 40 ) /lbs./inch2, PER ASTM D-3575
Fire Resistance: UL 94 HFI F.A.R. 25. 83
Water Absorption: ( .3 ) lbs/1000 ft2/24 hrs
R-Value: ( 3 ) ft2-F-hr/BTU-in

Impact Insulation Class (IIC): Transmission of impact noise can be controlled by isolation. The ratings are greatly improved by using cork underlayment. The higher the IIC number the better the impact insulation. ASTM E-492-09 / E-989-06 Sound Transmission Class (STC): Measure of resistance of a building element such as a floor or wall to the passage of audible sounds. The higher the STC number the better the sound barrier . ASTM E-90-04 / E413-04