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Variety of selection
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Affordable pricing

Our Advantage

Abrasion Resistant Coating Geraglaze

CeraGlaze from Knoa’s distribution is our next generation technology that bring to your home and business the beauty and value of traditional; hardwood flooring without the worry. CeraGlaze is a special formula has been incorporated into urethane finish, it contains high volume of ceramic, which makes the surface finish extra durable and substantially stronger than average WPC/SPC floor

Reinforced Core Structure

Our next generation luxury engineered vinyl floors not only reduce the cost of material and maintenance, but also deliver truth beautiful floors that are hard to discern from real Harwood. The Reinforced core structure contains high level of CaCO3, which makes the planks not only “100% waterproof”, but 3 times stronger, compare to most click vinyl or wpc products on the market.


As part of a total program, our antimicrobial epoxy flooring provides contamination-fighting properties not only across the surface of your floor, but all throughout the polymer material used to make it, giving you the additional anti-pathogen safeguards you need inside and out. our antimicrobial additive is optional for any of our commercial and industrial concrete coatings & systems. Added to the liquid resin components during manufacturing, the antimicrobial protection becomes an integral part of the cured floor coating system, whether it’s a high-performance industrial concrete coating or one of our innovative, custom decorative floors. Unlike antimicrobial systems that only coat the top of your traffic surface, our antimicrobial flooring has protection throughout.

Phthalate Free

The most important part on flooring manufactory part is select the right raw-material for production. Each single step of selecting materials needs to be extremely carefully and tested before its heading to production line. Heavy metals like lead, and cadmium are the major harmful elements to human body. Knoa’s distribution inc has very serious lab-test procedure and quality check system which will help all of our customer stay away from toxic materials, to make sure the customer enjoys the floors without worrying about harmful elements surrounding their families

Cal-compliant phase 2

This regulation is important because it ensures the air, we breathe is healthy and free from carcinogens that can harm us. As of 2011, formaldehyde was added to the federal government’s carcinogen list due to its health effects – often nose and throat irritation, burning eyes, wheezing or difficulty breathing, headaches, and nausea. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas and is emitted from a variety of sources – fireplaces, tobacco smoke, and wood burning stoves, to name a few. In the flooring industry, it’s often used to make products including resins that are used as adhesives for composite wood products. The CWP regulation ensures formaldehyde emissions do not exceed the limit set.